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This web site provides a unique opportunity for everyone to own a beautiful work of fine art produced by a talented artist.

Many of these images have been produced specially for Oxford PC Solutions Ltd, and made available for purchase in order to raise funds for our community projects.

Projects like, SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd a Community Led Housing project and Intentional Community.


The uniqueness of our approach to art lies in your ability to source an image from our collections and have it turned into a painting or a print created in the exact dimensions that you require, to perfectly suit the space you have in mind.

A genuinely individual, fine art piece can be produced in the medium of your choice: taking the form of an original drawing, a painting, or a print. The medium selected by you from a wide range of working materials including, pen, pencil, chalk, charcoal, pastel, water colour, guache oils, acrylics and also in ceramic (produced to order as either decorative wall or high grade flooring tiles). The ground can be reconstructed in the same material as that of the original piece of fine art , ie; paper, card, canvas or board. However, you are not constrained to owning an image that has been reproduced in exactly the same medium as the original work was carried out. You can have your chosen image reproduced in any medium, any format, one that better suits the location where the piece will be displayed, having been personalised by you to fit your home, or office, garden etc.

Your chosen image will be created as a genuine, "one off" piece of fine art, using the medium of your choice, the new work signed by the artist.

To see the range of drawings, paintings, drawings in various mediums, photos, prints, etc including digital generative works.

Please visit our Panel Gallery
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